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Universal Studios Hollywood Download 
Descpription: This is my recreation of Ush i live right by there so we go mostly every other week i did it bascily like i did knotts....bye memory and the map..enjoy......p.s i dont like how i did the mummy

Created By: rctsteven
Date Added: 07-Sep-2005
Game Required: Soaked
File Category: Park Recreations
Downloads: 14345 - Download Now 
Rating: 9.2/10 (6 votes) | Rate

Members' Comments

Topic: Universal Studios Hollywood
Xtreme_Gz 12-Sep-2005 05:59:25
Cool you finally made it! Did you add my version of Jurrasic park...Im downloading it right now lol

rctsteven 12-Sep-2005 06:46:09
no i didnt my came out ok urs was better i think.

drummerkidd316 20-Sep-2005 22:01:36
good job

FrIgHtTiMe 05-Nov-2005 13:08:09
does it lag?

n8galicia 31-Dec-2005 06:21:05
Where can I find a download of the Jurrasic park ride for rct3?

Goliath 23-Jun-2006 04:06:55
Try to make Disney Land now

rctlvr11 08-Aug-2006 21:55:26
ya try makin disneyland. it might be a success 4 u

rctlvr11 08-Aug-2006 21:56:28
o and if u can, try makin Universal Studios and Disneyland 4 rct2

Track_designer_RCT3 30-Oct-2006 08:11:18
i checked Google earth for disneyworld in florida and it looks crap which 1 do u mee ps USH looks nice 9/10

--- This message was edited by on 30-Oct-2006 08:12:37 ---

Adominator 30-Jan-2007 16:04:18
Great Park. I really enjoyed it. I really like to lower lot.With the Mummy Ride and Jurrassic park. Awesome!

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