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Jurassic Park Download 
Descpription: This is Basically My remake of Jurassic Park the Ride at Universals Hollywood with Some added Extra attratcions. I tweeked and added some more things from my last remake of the ride...Enjoy!

Created By: Xtreme_Gz
Date Added: 07-Jan-2006
Game Required: Soaked + Wild
File Category: Fantasy Parks
Downloads: 892 - Download Now 
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Members' Comments

Topic: Jurassic Park
Xtreme_Gz 10-Jan-2006 17:43:26
I submitted A pic I guess it was the wrong file...oh well.

Xtreme_Gz 16-Jan-2006 03:36:55
Plz ad Some comments

rctsteven 26-Feb-2006 03:55:23
Wuts up my friend...Tight ride the best..

king-marty 21-Nov-2006 18:19:47
that is wick-ed

Orion 15-Jul-2008 00:10:54
Otimo Parque Sou Do Brasil e Adorei Seu TRabalho( Great Park i am from brazil and i love your job, sorry for my inglesh'' i don't now so much more of englesh.

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