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Thorpe Park Download 
Descpription: A great Recreation of Thrope Park! Including Stealth...the new Blast Coaster!

Created By: tjdude
Date Added: 12-Feb-2006
Game Required: RollerCoaster Tycoon 3
File Category: Park Recreations
Downloads: 13732 - Download Now 
Rating: 7.0/10 (2 votes) | Rate

Members' Comments

Topic: Thorpe Park
chiz 15-Feb-2006 17:54:28

chiz 21-Feb-2006 14:19:50
Actually its not the best afterall
still quite good though.

lizzie9292 13-Apr-2006 18:22:15
if any of u guyz want 2 put the ride tunes frm the real thorpe park i found a syt where u can download most of them 2 put in ur RCT3 music folder. the syt is http://www.totalthorpepark.co.uk/features/downloads.shtml
(downloads r @ the bottom of that page)
hope this has helped, gr8 park btw well dun i went 2 thorpe park 2 dayz ago and its better than i could hav dun. keep up the good work! lizzie

Christian 20-Apr-2006 09:35:40
can you send the thrope park level to my email please it is christianking@hotmail.co.uk

arjun 21-Apr-2006 22:50:33
there is not a parks folder in my atari-roller coaster tyccon 3 fiel

--- This message was edited by on 23-Apr-2006 10:49:16 ---

tjdude 22-Apr-2006 03:53:58
ok do not put it in campaines file!!!...put it in parks!!then open up ur rct3 game and select sandboxmode...all u did rong is putting it in the rong file...just the parks file ok?

--- This message was edited by on 22-Apr-2006 20:01:38 ---

tjdude 02-May-2006 20:42:38
then i guess your screwed!

Dudeofrct3 26-Jun-2006 07:04:46
I made a nemesis inferno coaster and a collosus coaster on RCT3 it just so happens.Check it out. It's in the RCT3:Traks thing kk? Its not the best sadley. But its good. Love the new recreation by the way, brill!! 8/1O!

Robba_91 01-Aug-2006 10:45:50
Can you do this in soaked instead.

RCT3_King 02-Aug-2006 21:18:21
This is so awesome. It rocks 10/10 got my DL. It would be even better if X:/ no way out was there thou But keep up good work

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