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Disney World: Magic Kingdom Download 
Descpription: This is the first recreational park that i have made. I have tryed to make it as realistic as posible at the park in 2006. I have also put in extra rides that do not appear in the real park itself but that is due to the park rating dropping below 700. I hope you are able to keep it running for as long as possible.

Created By: Cheese
Date Added: 21-Mar-2006
Game Required: Time Twister + Wacky Worlds
File Category: Park Recreations
Downloads: 6072 - Download Now 
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Members' Comments

Topic: Disney World: Magic Kingdom
Cheese 30-Mar-2006 18:34:36
If you have downloaded this park, thanks very much because it took a LONG time to make! Thanks

Cheese 02-May-2006 19:30:10
I am making a second attempt of the park just now because i thought the one above is pretty not too good and not too realistic. I will try and complete it in the next few weeks

rctlvr11 08-Aug-2006 22:01:18
4 some reason my computer cant open the file 4 rct2. do u know how i can get it 2 work?

Cloud 16-Dec-2006 06:24:52
IM Sorry Cheese But Of All the Reacreations ive seen Of parks, Well Urs REALLY SUCKS MAKE A BETTER ONE! Yes i have been to this park. BAd recreation! 1 out of 10! Bad Man! Im srry for sayin this bu the Truth hurts dude! It Sucked!

Maxinations 16-Jul-2007 18:45:19
A couple of the ride recreations were good, a few okay, but it wasn't a very strong or exceptional park overall.

CorCor 28-Nov-2008 21:50:36
could you make Canada's wonderland? PLEASE...

redique 12-Jul-2009 16:09:44
the park don't work for me. Can you help me because I LOVE WALT DISNEY WORLD and I truly wan't to see this one even if some people said it is bad

Adam444 21-Jul-2009 17:26:18
How do i open this file because it gets opened as SV6 file.Why does this happen and how do i fix it?

redique 03-Oct-2011 00:21:53
IT says I need zpanda thingy what does that means plz help me I love disney world.

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